Custom CrayAngle triangular restaurant crayons with your business logo and branding


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CC   Fully Customizable, Branded CrayAngle Crayons
Custom crayons with your branding at no added cost! Minimum 10,000 packs. Contact us for an art template, or to help you with your design.

Price: Call for Price


Quantity per CasePack varies from 360 to 1000

Customize crayons with your restaurant or business branding.  It's easy!  Many of our customers have successfully enhanced their family-friendly branding by using our best-in-class 4-pack, 3-pack, 2-pack, or tri-color crayons with their own custom logo & design like in the examples shown. We can do the design work for you, or send your artist a template. Pricing: $0 additional per case with a minimum run of 10,000 crayon packs. That's right, customization at no added cost! Contact us to discuss custom printing options that fit your needs.

That minimum quantity generally makes sense for multi-location restaurant groups or very high volume independent businesses. That's a few months supply for most such businesses, and we can work out arrangements where we hold some product for you at all times in our US warehouses so that you don't have to take an entire run at once. If you're under contract talk with us about creative ways we can work with your current supplier. We work from a handshake agreement about usage, and can spell that out in a contract if you prefer.

Lead time for full color custom-printed product is between 60 and 90 days after approval of artwork. These are being made in Asia and brought over by ocean freight.  If you need something within 7 days, take a look at our US-based pad printing option here

Contact us to start the process. It's simple and you'll love the result! Whether you want personalized four-pack, three-pack, two-pack, or tri-color custom triangular crayons, we do that all the time.  We can also customize cups with a 60-case minimum.  The same goes for full-color custom placemats, unless you want to buy just one customized case of placemats at a time using our domestic printing service.  For that service take a look at this page

Restaurant crayons that are customized help you stand out among multi-unit restaurant concepts and shows that you go the extra mile to connect with kids and families. Customers don't realize how simple it was for you!  They only see the handsome result.  Whether your business is in foodservice or another industry, a branded crayon pack is something that families take home with them and helps with your brand's recognition and recall. The best part is when this "take-home signage" reminds a family to visit you at a time in the future when they are deciding where to patronize. Branded crayons and other custom kids' premiums can be an elegant centerpiece to your family marketing program! 

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