1T10(3000) 20CP BULK-LOOSE CrayAngle Triangular Crayons - Multi-Location Pricing


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1T10(3000) 20CP   BULK-LOOSE CrayAngle Triangular Crayons
Loose CrayAngle Triangular Crayons come 750 of each color in four inner cartons. 3,000 total crayon sticks.

Regular Price:$99.00 / CasePack
Sale Price:$66.00 / CasePack


Quantity per CasePack 3,000 crayon sticks

BULK CrayAngleTM Triangular Crayons come 750 of each color in inner cartons. 3,000 crayons total. Crayons come in Blue, Yellow, Green and Red.


> No more kids crawling under tables

> Safe and non-toxic, conforms to ASTM D-4236

> Ergonomic - teaches the proper writing grip as well

Approx Weight: 30.00 lb. / CasePack
Dimensions (LxWxH): 17.50 x 10.25 x 8.00 in.

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