Custom Kids Menus - Your Logo, Your Theme, Your Menu - Totally Custom Placemats with your restaurant or business branding and menu with artwork just for you!


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PCJ   Fully Customizable Kids' Menus / Placemats
Your Logo, Your Theme, Your Menu - 1,000 Totally Custom Paper Placemats, 11x17" folded in half to make a 4pg book, with your restaurant or business branding, A NEW DESIGN EVERY TIME YOU REORDER - that's right, every month you can have a fresh new design customized for you with your branding and your theme.  We do this for you as many times as you want and every time you reorder at no additional cost!
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  Kids Menu Content - Tell us what you want for menu items, or type in "Later" if you want to do this later when our designer follows up with you.
Menu content ( - Free!!! )

  Your brand information - We will use your company name and address from your order on the placemat unless you tell us differently. You'll have a chance to email your logo to the designer when he/she contacts you after you place your order. Type in "Later" if you want to do this later. You can also email it to us right after placing your order.
Customer Information ( - Free!!! )

  Other - Additional comments - coupons, kids clubs, themes you like, etc. Type N/A if none or "Later" if you want to provide this when our designer contacts you.
Additional Customization ( - Free!!! )

  e-proof - Do you want an e-proof of your custom design for approval before printing?
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Quantity per CasePack 1000

NEW!!!!   Custom Kids Menus All artwork customization is FREE.  No set up or design fees EVER!


Our custom kids menus are customized for your restaurant or business at no added cost.  Add your logo, food items, address, phone #, website, coupons, names, games?..whatever you want, it?s all designed into your custom kids menu / placemat / booklet for no added cost.  And even better, every time you re-order, you will automatically receive a NEW design in your theme, and will never see the same set of kids games.  Just send us your logo, menu, and location information and a designer will follow up with you for revision approval. 


All menus are printed in black and white on both sides on 11 x 17 paper and folded in half to create a 4 page coloring book. This will be a premium experience for the kids in your restaurant or business!


Shipping cost is a simple $10 flat rate for this item to continental US destinations.

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