TT85-ANI1 100CP 8pk Twistie-Twigs Wax Play String case of 500packs - Special/Chain Pricing


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TT85-ANI1 100CP   8pk Twistie-Twigs Wax Play String case of 500packs

Tons of fun with Twistie-Twigs wax play string. A great solution if you have kids coloring where they're not supposed to with crayons!  Each box contains 500 packs with 8 colorful wax strings in each pack, along with two challenges for kids of all ages to complete using the strings. 

Regular Price:$115.00 / CasePack
Sale Price:$92.00 / CasePack


Quantity per CasePack 500 packs with 8 strings per pack

Twistable wax strings that give kids tons of play value! Best-in-Class less adhesive formula won't leave residue on your tables. Great alternative to crayons (as are our Rub-it & Color placemats), or as a great take-home item to complement crayons. Comes with a fun insert to guide the fun games. Kids will be talking about this one! For kids age 3 to 13+. Mom, dad, wait staff, and restaurant owners will all love this item.

Approx Weight: 10.90 lb. / CasePack
Dimensions (LxWxH): 15.25 x 7.00 x 8.25 in.

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