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First-Class Kids Products


CrayAngle Triangular Crayons
turn Restless Kids into Happy Kids

… Which Means their Parents Will Stay Longer and
Spend More Money with You!

A happy child enjoying CrayAngle Triangular Crayons with her family. Bring in more families with fun activities!Every parent knows the power their children have over them… power to bring them joy, and power to drive them crazy sometimes. However, in a restaurant, this power might not be such a good thing!

By offering your younger customers our high-quality, ergonomically designed CrayAngle Triangular crayons as well as something fun to draw on, you ensure your youngest customers are able to entertain themselves as they wait for their meals to come. Their parents have a chance to relax and enjoy their pre-dinner refreshments. And everybody is happy.

And when everyone is happy, they leave your restaurant saying, “That was awesome! Let’s go back there again.”

When you use CrayAngle Triangle Crayons, you’ll be amazed at how your repeat business will explode… In fact, our research shows that with CrayAngle Triangular Crayons for restaurants, and other Classy Kid activities, families are 72% more likely to return!

When You Offer CrayAngle Triangular Crayons,
Your Average Dinner Bill Can Increase by 25% Or More

When a family goes out for dinner and the kids are well-behaved, the parents won’t be any hurry to leave and go home. Instead of rushing to clear the tab as soon as the main courses are done, they’ll also be more inclined to reward their children’s good behavior with dessert.

And of course, with dessert come coffee and other after-dinner drinks… and the total amount of the When a family goes out for dinner and the kids are well-behaved, the parents won’t be any hurry to leave and go home. Instead of rushing to clear the tab as soon as the main courses are done, they’ll also be more inclined to reward their children’s good behavior with dessert.

And of course, with dessert come coffee and other after-dinner drinks… and the total amount of the average dinner bill can increase by up to 25% or more!

Why CrayAngle Triangular Crayons
Beat the Pants Off “Regular” Crayons

Despite the best efforts of parents everywhere, small children are messy… they spill and drop things all the time. After all, they’re dealing with rapidly growing bodies and a world made to fit much larger people. CrayAngle Triangular Crayons aren’t always going to stay on the table, but we guarantee they will NEVER roll off!

CrayAngle Triangular Crayons are a hit with kids, parents, and restaurant staff. Bring in more families with fun activitiesFrankly, we think the whole “not rolling off the table” thing makes triangular crayons a no-brainer.

If you consider that no rolling means it’s less likely your staff and customers could slip and fall on a slippery round crayon, it’s obvious that they’re safer too.

Triangular crayons are also easier for young children to hold and teach them the proper way to grip a writing instrument. Ergonomically-designed to teach kids to use three fingers to support the crayon, CrayAngles guide emerging learners along the path to proper penmanship.

Built to a higher standard than most crayons, CrayAngles just draw better than cheaper ones too, meaning kids won’t throw them down in frustration or break them into little pieces instead.

Go ask some kids; triangle crayons just look cool. And “cool” is one of those X factors that you either have or you don’t… and it’s always better to have it than not!

Don’t just take our word for it. These kids felt compelled to
make a YouTube video about CrayAngles:

Way to go girls, nice video!

Kids know where it’s at. Give them what they want! Making your brand experience memorable will have kids asking to go back to your business.

Best of all, we can even save you money. Check out our pricing and give us a price match challenge. And from a logistical perspective, triangular crayons also pack tighter and leave less empty space than round crayons. Why waste your resources? CrayAngles can help you start reducing your shipping, packaging, and storage costs… while STILL bringing in more business!

Your Staff Will Be Happy Too

For one thing, crayons that don’t roll away mean nobody has to waste time and effort getting on their hands and knees to search for crayons under the table. Than means happier parents, happier servers, and happier kids.

Ask your staff; they’ll tell you that it’s much more fun and easier to serve families with happy kids.

Good moods are contagious, and if you could improve the atmosphere in your place of business and make EVERYBODY happier, well, your staff will also tell you that happy customers spend more money and leave bigger tips too!

Buy Direct From the Manufacturer
For Lower Prices and More Options to Choose From

There’s something to be said for being the manufacturer and creator of CrayAngles… for one, we can offer the best prices anywhere on 2-packs, 3-packs, triangular 4-packs, bulk crayons, or any other configuration you can name.

Heck, we even supply the restaurant supplies companies with CrayAngles, and we certainly couldn’t do that if we didn’t have top-quality wholesale crayons with the best prices on the planet.

We recognize that your business is different from all others and you have your own unique way of serving your customers… That’s why we offer so many different CrayAngle Triangular Crayon options for you to choose from. Looking for 3 pack crayons? 4 pack crayons? Bulk crayons? Check out some popular options below and decide which one makes the most sense for your business.


CrayAngle Four-Pack Triangular Crayons

Our most popular package of triangle crayons, offering four colors in an award-winning pyramid-shaped box.

four pack crayons, CrayAngle triangle crayons for restaurants


CrayAngle Three-Pack Triangular Crayons

A smaller, more inexpensive alternative consisting of three kids triangle crayons in a trapezoidal cardboard box.

triangle crayons 3 pack, three pack crayons for restaurants


Tri-Color CrayAngle Triangular Crayons

Looking for something even more unique? Take a look at our Tri-color CrayAngle Triangular Crayon; three colors in one crayon, so it’s easier to find on the table, harder to lose, and less expensive for you to order, ship, and store. Plus, it just looks SOOOO cool!

Tricolor triangle crayons, CrayAngle Triangular three color crayons


Bulk Loose CrayAngle Triangular Crayons

If packaging isn’t as important to you as flexibility, then the case of loose mixed crayons is your best bet. Four colors of individual CrayAngles let you hand out however many you wish.

CrayAngle triangle crayons, bulk loose crayons for kids


Custom-Designed Triangular Crayons!

On the other hand, if you don’t want to let an opportunity to get your name in front of your customers, we offer all kinds of custom crayons in branded packaging options for your multi-packs of CrayAngle Triangular Crayons. Want your logo, image, and message on the box?
No Problem! Minimum orders begin at 20 cases for customization.
More Info

Custom branded crayons for your restaurants and business, bulk and wholesale crayons


CrayAngle Triangular Crayons Win
Lifelong Customer Loyalty for Just Pennies a Table

When you offer your family customers CrayAngles Triangular Crayons, you show them that you truly care about offering them a quality dining experience. From that point forward, your restaurant will stand out in their minds as the go-to dining establishment where parents AND kids are guaranteed to have a great time.

Your repeat business AND the average money spent per table will soar… all for an investment of just pennies a table!

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