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By popular demand! General-use tabletop marketing items
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CrayAngle triangular crayons don't roll off tables!  With their smart, ergonomic shape you'll be sure to please customers. We are the leading producer of shaped-crayons in the industry. Each year tens of millions of our best-selling triangular crayons teach little hands how to properly hold a writing instrument. Every day in thousands of restaurants customers are happy to not have to chase crayons that have rolled under tables or that became trip hazards.  Click here to learn more about the benefits of our special crayons to your restaurant or other enterprise. Take advantage of the widest selection and best deals on top-quality crayons available today. 

Price match guaranteed. We will not be undersold! Let us know if you find a better deal on a similar/imitation item.

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Kids' Cups - Classy Kids Products help reduce spills. Our unique 8oz and 12oz reusable cup with disposable lid and straw is an easy solution to spilling drinks and it is easy for kids of all ages to use. Payback time happens in about a dozen washings, making these cups a smart move for your operation. Sell or give them away as great promotions too!
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Kids' Cups - Classy Kids Products help reduce spills. Our unique 12oz disposable cup/lid/straw kit is an easy solution to spilling drinks and it is easy for kids of all ages in your restaurant. Clear plastic lets your servers see the fluid level inside at a glance.
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Playthings like wax play string and colored pencils
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Children's Activity Placemats, Stick-Down Placemats, and Activity Booklets at the best prices.
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Baby bibs to make cleaning up after your baby much easier.
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Hospitality kits for toddlers and infants that include bibs, baby wipes, coloring place mats, and more!
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Twisty-Twigs wax play strings are a great solution if you have kids coloring where they're not supposed to with crayons!  Our Twisty-Twigs are not gooey as compared to Wikki-Stix and Bendaroos brand wax play string, so they won't leave behind a residue - and our prices can't be beat! 
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Cut down on germs and protect your kids with our before Alcohol-free and sting-free antiseptic antibacterial wipes.

This item has been discontinued as a direct result of the regulatory burden that it creates. We apologize for any inconvenience.
                                                                               - Johnathan Galt
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Visit our fully secure website for more information on Classy Kid Products and receive tips, downloads, and guides to help everyone enjoy dining out more.
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See our small run customization options here! For multi-location concepts, you can customize many of these kids' entertainment items with your brand. You would be surprised at how cost effective this is with Family Hospitality! We have the lowest customization minimums in the industry, and free freight deals that will make you smile.

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Family Hospitality Group offers samples of Classy Kid Products so that you can see for yourself how effective our products are.

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